Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any experience in archaeology. Can I still participate in the field school?

Yes. We assume no prior experience and start from the basics. Some students with more experience will also join us and they will help those less familiar with archaeology.

I have experience in archaeology. Could I join the project as a volunteer (and not register for the field school) this summer?

No. Because we are combining the courses with field research and offering credit we require that students be enrolled in the program.

Can I apply to this program if I am not a student at University of Hawaii?

Yes, we welcome students from all colleges and universities. Credits are offered by the University of Hawaii at Manoa and are transferable. Check with your academic advisor at home to ensure that the courses in our program will be accepted toward your degree.

Is financial aid available for the UH field school on Kauai this summer?

Financial aid is granted through your home institution. Those already enrolled at the University of Hawaii should check with the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible. Some aid from the current academic year may cover summer programs. Students at other colleges or universities should check with their financial aid office.

I have recently graduated and I am not yet registered in graduate school. Can I still take these courses and get credit?

Yes, students who have already graduated may be able to transfer and apply credits earned while an unclassified graduate student. In many cases the field school, particularly the graduate level course, fulfills requirements in graduate programs.

Will I gain experience that might help me find a job?

Yes. You will learn many field and laboratory skills that are in high demand with archaeological consulting (CRM) firms. Many of our students from past field schools have gone directly into jobs in archaeology.

I am studying archaeology, but not with a Hawaiian or Pacific Island focus. Is this the right field school for me?

Yes, probably. Experience in the region you wish to study is useful. But it is also a good idea to gain experience in other regions. You will also learn a number of field and laboratory skills useful anywhere.

I am interested in exploring archaeology as career and I am considering graduate school. Is this field school a good idea?

Yes. You should gain some experience in doing field and laboratory work to see if you are really interested. It is a good idea to find out what the work is actually like before making bigger commitments such as beginning a graduate program.

I am not planning to study archaeology, but I am interested in biology (or related field). Will this be a good program for me?

Yes, it is important to learn about inter-disciplinary field research, particularly the interplay of human history and the environment, and gain practical skills in research. We anticipate students with a diversity of backgrounds and interests.

If my application is late, will it still be considered?

We sill review late applications if any spaces are still available. Our final deadlines for considering late applications will coincide with final payment deadlines. Space is limited so it is a good idea to apply early.


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